Services We Offer

~ Massage Therapy: 60, 90 or 120 minutes. 

~ Health Coaching

~Nutritional Support.

~Wellness ProPlus. 


Massage Therapy: Each session is customized to your specific needs and requests. Options include deep tissue, Swedish, targeted injury treatment, pre-natal massage, and more. Cost for in-office massage: $85 (60 minutes), $120 (90 minutes), and $150 (120 minutes). Additional cost for in-home massage varies based on location.

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Health Coaching: Customize a wellness plan to suit your goals and lifestyle. Nutrition, exercise and nutrition support are all part of the process. Cost is $50/hour.


Nutritional Support: GMP (good manufacturing practices) quality superior nutritional support designed to help bring systems of the body into balance.

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Wellness ProPlus: FDA-approved for removal of pain. Non-invasive, no drugs. Accurate to 1/100's Hz, range 0.10-10,000 Hz, variation 1 million frequencies, and 1,000 Autoset Programs. Cost is $75/per session.

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