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Services We Offer

~Nutritional Support.
~Wellness ProPlus. 
~Functional Stretch.


Nutritional Support: GMP (good manufacturing practices) quality superior nutritional support designed to help bring systems of the body into balance.

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Wellness ProPlus: FDA-approved for removal of pain. Non-invasive, no drugs. Accurate to 1/100's Hz, range 0.10-10,000 Hz, variation 1 million frequencies, and 1,000 Autoset Programs. Cost is $75/per session.


Functional Stretch: Functional Stretch Systems is an integrative and inclusive approach to stretching. The body is comprised of many complex challenges and this system has the ability to address each one in a way that allows for long term change. Our experiences in life are wound deep in the fibers of our tissues, sometimes held for many years. It is within the realm of possibility that when our emotions, trauma, injuries, illness, and other challenges are held in these tissues for prolonged periods of time, restrictions in the body become more and more abundant. Because of this, we must look at the body as a whole and release these restrictions layer by layer, allowing the body to experience what it feels like to function optimally in all that we do. We work to shift perspective in how the brain perceives the restrictions in order to create balance in mind, body, and spirit. Each person we stretch with a unique set of challenges in their body, and as such, the functional stretch systems approach is fluid, dynamic, and tailored to the individual and their overall goals of function. Cost is $100/hour session. Classes are also available at $50/person.

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